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Lauren shares her experience with HCOs Elixir Pack!

Lauren shares her experience with HCOs Elixir Pack!

I started colouring my hair at the ripe old age of 16. I’d begged my mum for months to let me and when she finally gave in I thought I was the coolest with my six blonde foils.  

From there, a few foils turned into a full head of Ariel red locks. I then went through my jet black hair stage (if you’d seen it, you would have cringed!) before I finally settled on blonde.

Over the years I’ve tried lots of different shampoos and conditioners, mainly ones that promised to restore my hair and repair the damage caused by colouring and straightening it.

Still finding that no matter which shampoo or conditioner I used my hair always felt dry and brittle, I decided to give hair masks a go. I fell in love with the way they made my hair feel, but with an expensive price tag and little product, this was something I did sparingly.

Then I was recently introduced to Hair Culture Outlet’s Elixir Shampoo and Elixir Conditioner and I can honestly say I was genuinely impressed.

Normally finding my hair to feel instantly knotted and dry after rinsing out shampoo in the shower, I noticed straight away as I was rinsing out the Elixir Shampoo that my hair felt smooth and soft.

Already impressed I then applied the conditioner. With a thick, milky texture the conditioner spread easily throughout my hair. Now I know i’ve already said I was impressed, but washing out the conditioner I was SUPER impressed. My hair felt exactly like i’d just put in my hair mask!

The next test was blowing drying my hair. Usually this is something I hate doing as it takes forever and i’d always look like Albert Einstein after it. Not even five minutes later, I had completely dried my hair…. There were no huge knots I had to tackle and THERE WAS NO FRIZZ!

No one was more surprised than my mum, when I left the house that day without having straightened my hair!

Amazed, but still a little skeptical, I thought i’d see how my hair recated after a few washes using the products.

Two weeks later, having washed my hair every three days, I can honestly say I love my how my hair is looking and feeling. Each wash results in my hair feeling soft and healthy, not to mention  my styling time has been reduced as most days I don’t even need to straighten my hair.

I honestly am so glad to have found HCO’s product and I can’t wait to see how my hair continues to improve using HCO’s Elixir Shampoo and Elixir Conditioner!

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