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HCO Elixir Shampoo + Elixir Conditioner


Restore your hair back to life and keep it there.

Introducing HCO's Elixir Shampoo and Elixir Conditioner 


✓ 100% Vegan

✓ Colour Safe

✓ Cruelty Free

✓ Natural Argan Oil Moisture

✓ All Hair Types

✓ Restores Dry Damaged Hair

✓ Improves Hair Texture And Shine

✓ Tames Frizz

✓ 500ml Bottles 


The ingredients in both the Elixir Shampoo and Elixir Conditioner have been selected to bring to you a deep cleanse of your hair, whilst also supporting it's natural moisture. Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and other vital nutrients.

So what does this mean for your hair?

The Elixir Shampoo and Conditioner by HCO helps to smooth frizz and help split ends as well as provide softness. This makes it easier to style once the hair is dry. 

Give your hair the Care and Nurture it deserves by starting your hair care routine with HCO's Elixir Shampoo and Conditioner. 



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